Here’s Some Ideas From Team OPRA

Here’s Some Of The Ways We Market Our Jobs, From Team OPRA

The key theme from the current job market can be summed up in two words – ‘candidate driven’ so we target, focus and find high calibre candidates from various places including some of our secrets revealed here.

How do potential candidates know that we are recruiting? Making a clear statement across all of our online locations with modern attractive branding and continuity helps to cover all bases, plus we have found a targeted approach to advertising jobs works well for us.

Targeting your potential audience with thought through campaigns, can seem like a minefield, however you can research to find where online our audience will be spending time and look to increase our visibility to them there.

Where are we advertising? We can’t tell you all of our secrets, but let’s talk social media. People use social media in different ways, they are loyal to certain places and accounts. The largest active group on Facebook for example, is people aged 25-34 and 56% of users are male, whereas Instagram has the same age group as its largest user group however it is predominantly female, with a larger, 57% female audience. Twitter has 68% male audience with a higher age group as its largest, 30-49 years old. On LinkedIn, there is a higher age bracket of 46-55 and an even spread of male – female. TikTok has a very young age bracket of 18-24 and 59% being female. Snapchat, unsurprisingly, has the lowest age group of 13-34 and its main users are predominantly female, 58%.

Can our candidates easily get in contact? We make it very easy for people to contact us, wherever we post our jobs, we have a clear and easy way for the applicants to get in contact, use of an ‘upload your cv’ button, an ‘apply now’ or ‘enquiry sign up form’ can all be effective as they are expected forms of making contact. Regularly posting our phone numbers and points of contact.

Check points of contact! We check our social media, website and Google listing on a mobile device, can the phone number be easily found and rung?

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