The OPRA Group specialise in supporting our clients in designing, promoting and implementing apprenticeship programmes. As our Director Adele Carnera is the Chair of the Essex Apprentice Ambassador Network, we feel we are best placed to provide specific advice on the complexities of utilising the apprenticeship levy, selecting training providers and recruiting. As apprentice employers ourselves, we recognise and champion the benefits for both individuals and businesses.

OPRA Apprenticeship

Are you contemplating an apprenticeship programme within your business? Here’s why you should choose The OPRA Group.

OPRA Apprentice

Use our specialists to build bespoke apprenticeship programmes to suit your unique business requirements plus an outline of how it works.

Apprenticeship Levy

Are you already paying the Apprenticeship Levy and not utilising it to its full potential? Want to know more? Here’s what to do.

Who is

Adele Carnera?

Our Director, Adele Carnera has worked in large, multinational corporations before launching her own HR and recruitment business, The OPRA Group.
Her passion for apprentices began over 15 years ago and since then she has been involved in steering groups on developing apprentice standards and taking part in national policy advice on the subject.
Currently, she is the Chair of the Essex Apprentice Ambassador Network. This is a growing body of approximately 30 Essex-based apprentice employers who meet monthly to discuss how to implement national policy on a local level, the implications for their business, share advice and offer mutually beneficial support.


With over 15 years experience in apprenticeships, both pre and post Levy, our consultants have successfully supported apprentices, employers and providers with applications, implementation and recruitment.

We have successfully created various large and small programmes for employers, from concept to realisation and roll out. We have participated in multiple Trailblazer groups and currently, our Director, Adele Carnera, is the Chair of the Essex Apprentice Ambassador Network.

Our nominations and awards for our work within apprenticeships have supported our passion and include recognition by Government and invitations, which we gratefully accepted, to Parliament and Downing Street.


Apprentice recruitment is a unique field that needs special consideration and expertise. Our experienced consultants use their knowledge to help you build a robust apprentice recruitment programme that will consider the needs of a specific audience and employee group. We can support with candidate attraction methods, assessment tools, onboarding and training provider liaison.

How It Works

Find Opportunities

Identify opportunities within your business to use Apprenticeship Standards.

Work With You

Working with you to understand and utilise the levy funds to reach their full potential.

Provide Guidance

We guide you on practical considerations when implementing the programme.

Support You

We offer support with delivering an overarching policy and roll out plan.

Future Planning

Develop opportunities for your business, for higher level apprenticeships.


The Apprenticeship Levy was announced in the Government November Spending Review 2015. It is essentially an additional payroll tax, set at 0.5% of an employer’s annual pay bill, collected through PAYE. The Levy came into force in April 2017 and affects all employers with a presence in the UK, from businesses to charities to schools, regardless of sector, with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million. Groups of companies under a common ownership structure will be treated as one business. The OPRA Group will assist businesses to understand and utilise the levy.



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