OPRA Pre-Employment Screening

Build your bespoke pre-employment screening package to fulfil your requirements to recruit your new talent. The OPRA Group offer a variety of packages specifically designed to reflect your industry sector from SME’s to large corporate businesses.

OPRA Pre-Employment Screening and Vetting Services

Why Do We Carry Out Pre-Employment Checks?

The best place to start the relationship with your new employee is from a place of trust. Engaging in our thorough pre-employment screening and vetting programmes will allow you to do just that. We know that on average 1 in 6 CVs are incorrect, glossing over gaps in employment is something we will uncover giving you the true and correct picture of each and every prospective candidate. The OPRA Group’s bespoke pre-employment screening services are designed to suit your specific industry, company and legal requirements. Your team will feel safe and assured.

Here is a comprehensive list of checks we carry out.

  • Right to Work
  • CV Comparison
  • Credit Check
  • Sanctions Check
  • Media Check
  • DBS – Criminal Record Check
  • Education Check
  • Qualification Check
  • Employment History Check
  • Gaps in Employment

What our clients say about us

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Pre-Employment Screening